Fixed knives to order

Fixed knives are not immediately available in this section, but it is possible to make them to order. Delivery time is by agreement. It depends on the number of existing orders and the selected material.

Each piece is handmade and is always the original. When placing an order, I can individually adapt each knife to the customer’s wishes in the following respects:

  • material on the blade and handle
  • handle and blade length
  • material on the case – each model has a specific type of case – each model can be modified to a different extent – before production, we will definitely consult the options and agree on the best possible variant
  • specific requirements – no problem to agree – if the request is realistic, I will be happy to accommodate you

If you are interested in ordering your favorite luxury piece, contact me at the e-mail address: We will agree on your order individually.

By agreeing to the order, you agree with my terms and conditions.






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